My Top 10 Essential Oils

FullSizeRenderAs I may have already mentioned, essential oils have become such a huge part of my lifestyle. They have taken the place of candles and sprays and many cleaners in my home. My family and I often opt to use oils first before rushing to over the counter treatments.

I use Young Living essential oils. I chose Young Living because they are the world leader in essential oils. They have been around for over twenty years, own their own farms and use the Seed to Seal® process for processing their oils.

I became a member by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit and quickly found my favorites among over one hundred singles and blends. Please share with me your favorites!


  1. SniffleEase: This oil was the first oil that became a purse staple for me. Stuffy or runny noses. My kids actually ask for this by name. It is diluted for children.
  2. Vetiver: This oil is super earthy smelling and very thick so beware and be patient. A drop on each big toe at night has me chill and seeing my eyelids in no time at all.
  3. Northern Lights Black Spruce: My number one oil for a restful night sleep. It is very woodsy. I am out all night when I diffuse this one.
  4. Lavender: A kit oil that will quickly become your favorite. Lavender has a reputation for relaxing but the benefit list is almost endless. What can’t it do?
  5. Tangerine: Orange smells great but tangerine is AMAZING! Add tangerine to anything or use it alone. It is so uplifting. Add to vacuum filter or wool dryer balls for refreshing smell through the entire house.
  6. RC: Another kit oil staple in my house especially during the winter. When the chest discomfort starts (especially at night) I diffuse RC and the kids sleep soundly.
  7. Sleepyize: My daughter has been having trouble relaxing at bedtime so I have been diffusing Sleepyize for her. It does exactly what it says. Not a peep! Also diluted for children.
  8. Peace and Calming: Just call this a tantrum tamer. The end.
  9. Rosemary: Stay focused, cook and even add this to your hair.
  10. Cedarwood: Another woodsy smells so good oil. Great for peaceful sleep but also good for your hair.

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