Oils and Laundry


In a nutshell – my life is all about oils and laundry. Essential oils have made such a wonderful impact on me, my family and our lifestyle that I can’t not share that love everywhere I go.

And there is laundry. I complain about this part of my life a lot. It really is the never ending story for me (and I am sure many of you). But laundry really isn’t as horrible as I make it out to be. It may feel like it sucks the life out of me but it actually symbolizes my life.

Laundry is like chasing a unicorn or the end of the rainbow. It never seems to end. It feels impossible. But it needs to be impossible because I don’t want it to end. This is my life. Without laundry, there are no baseball and soccer games. No late night cuddles in our pajamas. No gymnastics and orchestra concerts. There is no family. There is no life.

Seriously, sometimes the best days end with the dirtiest laundry. 


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